Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Write articles and get paid on revenue sharing basis

Recently I met my old friend and we spent a lot of time talking about life and work. When he found out that I am earning money on the Internet and investigate various money-making opportunities, he started asking me a lot about making money by writing content. His daughter is fond of journalism and she would like to get some practice and make cash at home at the same time.

I happen to know one good website, where anyone can share content, promote it and make money online on revenue sharing basis. If you don't know about, let me tell you more about this google adsense revenue sharing website.

How to make money with freelance writing at

First of all, is a free community for users, who like sharing various facts, write articles and communicate with other Internet users. The registration is totally free and upon completion of this process you will be able to start publishing articles about things you like the most. 

Personally, I published some good articles about cooking and Internet business at Even though I spent several hours on writing them, these articles generate money for me every day.

Currently you can earn up to 80% of revenue made with ads on your articles. Also you can improve your earnings by inviting new users to (they have a very nice referral program).

All in all, if you would like to publish your articles on and make easy money online by writing, then look no further – this website is a great choice for you.


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